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Lost Vape Quest Lyra 

Lost Vape Quest Lyra 

The Lyra, on the face of it, doesn’t offer anything game changing, but it does offer a great quality device that delivers superb flavour. The build quality and styling is amongst the best I’ve seen – Highly recommended.


The device will charge showing the following status leds, once charging is complete the GREEN light will remain lit.

GREEN = 65 – 100% (>3.9v)

BLUE = 15 – 65% (3.7v – 3.9v)

RED = 0 – 15% (3.7v) NOT RECOMMENDED TO USE – Recharge time

When in use, you can see your battery status as you press the fire button.

Power Adjustment (this is where I got defeated and had to resort to the manual).

Pressing the button 3 times in 2 seconds will allow you to cycle through three different power levels:

GREEN = High

BLUE = Medium

RED = Low